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3 Surprisingly Delicious Green Tea and Cheese Pairings

In Japan, green tea is often served with various types of snacks and food. Most commonly, tea is paired with sweets and desserts. In contrast, teas can also be paired with savory snacks, like senbei riced crackers or dango mochi dumplings. Tea can be enjoyed with a full meal as well, often served with sushi at Japanese restaurants. Each pairing brings out the rich, distinct flavors of both the tea and the food or dessert. One less common type of pairing you may not have tried yet, though, is green tea and cheese.

If you’re feeling adventurous and want to enjoy your green tea with a different kind of treat, taste some of our recommended green tea and cheese pairings:

Comte Cheese & Hojicha Roasted Green Tea

Made from pasteurized cow’s milk, Comte cheese has a nutty aftertaste.  When this cheese is paired with hot hojicha, the cheese naturally melts on your tongue and leaves a delicious milkiness in your mouth. The hojicha roasted green tea will draw out the full-bodied, rich flavor of the cheese.

Blue Cheese & Iced Sencha Green Tea

In particular, blue cheese is well known for its pungency. Brew your sencha bold so the umami and astrigency of the tea will balance the salty flavors of the blue cheese. Blue cheese’s sharp aroma and the sencha’s vegetal flavor naturally blend well together on your palate.

Burrata & Matcha Green Tea

Imagine your burrata in an herb salad. In this pairing, the matcha acts as a replacement for the herbs, making this a very complimentary combo. The matcha‘s umami flavor and the cheese’s creaminess are a perfect harmony that further brings out the sweetness of the milk in the cheese.

Though an uncommon and rare combination to come across, green tea and cheese are a truly pleasant pairing. Whether you’re looking for a fun, delicious platter for an afternoon get together, or you want to try a different snack with your green tea, these cheese combinations may be a surprisingly delightful treat for tea time.

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