|  10.31.2019  |  By admin

Takayasu Makiuchi

Takayasu Makiuchi has been producing tea for over 30 years in Shizuoka. He believes that the secret to producing the most delicious tea is to listen and speak to the tea leaves. He strives to bring out the deep umami taste that’s naturally in the tea leaves. With handcrafted soil that is abundant with nutrients from fermented soybeans and yogurt, he is confident that his tea is rich in health benefits and flavor like no other.

Mr. Makiuchi’s favorite tea is his very own Fukamushicha, also known as deep-steamed sencha, the signature style of green tea in Shizuoka. He is especially proud of his tea’s vibrant green color and rich flavor. When he has time, he loves to be with nature and visit the ocean.