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Meditate With Tea Podcast (Episode 2): Tea Meditation

At Senbird, we want to inspire more moments of reflection and gratitude for a healthy and happy lifestyle. Just in time for March Mindfulness month, we are excited to bring you our new wellness-focused podcast series, “Meditate With Tea” to help you experience more mindful moments in every cup.

If you have not done so already, take a listen to episode 1 of our podcast, where our special guest, Arik Zeevy, Koru certified meditation coach, guides us through a meditation using the belly breathing technique.

“…as you experience your first sip of tea, I invite you to take a moment now before continuing to appreciate everything that went into creating this tea in your hands.” – Arik Zeevy

In episode 2, we will go through a tea-drinking meditation with Arik Zeevy. Pour yourself some tea and follow along with the Spotify audio and transcription below.



Transcription (Meditate With Tea, Episode 2):

0:00  Welcome to Senbird’s Meditation with Tea podcast series, we hope you experience a moment in every cup.

In today’s episode, I will be introducing drinking meditation.

If you have not yet done so, I invite you to brew a cup of tea, and when you’re ready to join us in our guided drinking meditation. Once you have your cup of tea, I invite you to place it gently on a surface near you, where you can easily pick it up during our meditation. And then I ask that you please get in your meditation position now. And gently close your eyes and wait for the sound of the bell to begin.

1:03  Now, gently open your eyes.

And bring your full attention to the cup of tea resting beside you.


1:15  And if you’d like you can now pick up the cup of tea in your hands.

And before we take a drink, just notice the color. Notice if the light shines differently in different places on the cup,

perhaps reflecting off the tea itself.


1:42  Just pretend as though you have just landed on this planet from another galaxy, and you have never seen a cup of tea before.


1:54  And just notice any thoughts you’re having as you look at this cup of tea in your hands.


2:01  Are there any sensations in your mouth that may be signaling a wish to take a drink?


2:10  Notice any aromas or any smells that you may not have been aware of before.


2:19  Maybe you’re wondering what the point of this exercise is.


2:24  Just notice any thoughts. And gently bring your attention back to the cup of tea resting in your hands.


2:37  And now slowly and mindfully, enjoy your first sip of tea.


2:49  And as you experience your first sip of tea, I invite you to take a moment now before continuing to appreciate everything that went into creating this tea in your hands.


3:05  And if you look deeply into this cup of tea, you may see a cloud and rain,

and fields,

and the farmers and truck drivers and all the people that conspired to make this cup of tea in your hands possible.


3:27  And just take a moment to appreciate this miracle in your hands.


3:35  And now slowly enjoy a second sip of your tea.


3:44  It can be helpful to take a moment here and express gratitude to yourself

for taking the time out of your busy day.


3:56  And to bring your full awareness

to the experience of drinking tea.


4:08  And with that energy of gratitude towards yourself,

I invite you to take a third sip of your tea.


4:26  And now I invite you to bring this level of awareness and mindfulness to the rest of your tea drinking experience today, as well as the rest of the week.


4:40  And in doing so, we hope that you experience a moment in every cup.



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For more about Arik (@lionwolflotus), visit lionwolflotus.com.

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