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Ochazuke Green Tea Over Rice Recipe

Ochazuke (お茶漬け), or green tea over rice is a Japanese comfort food consisting of steamed rice submerged into a broth or green tea. It has been a favorite dish in Japan for more than a thousand years, and it is often served in Japan at Izakayas (late-night Japanese bars) as a dish to fill up your remaining appetite at the end of a meal. Praised for Ochazuke’s quick and easy preparation, it has become a popular meal choice for busy parents, students, and professionals who are always on the go. 

Not only is this a convenient and delicious dish, but the gentle and soothing nature of Ochazuke has also been said to help with indigestion and heartburn. It is a perfect remedy for when you are sick or feeling a little under the weather. Using green tea as your broth also means you take in all the health benefits that come with the goodness of green tea, such as antioxidants, better metabolism, and some light caffeine to stimulate your mind. Popular green teas used in Ochazuke are Sencha, Genmaicha, and Hojicha.

Enjoy a warm and comforting bowl of ochazuke using our recipe:

Ochazuke (Green Tea Over Rice) Recipe

Serving Size: 1
Total time: 5 minutes


Sencha Hatsuzumi
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Sencha Hatsuzumi is a fukamushicha deep steamed green tea that is savory and full-bodied with exceptional natural sweetness.

1. Let’s Start With Rice

If you don’t have freshly steamed rice on hand, no worries! Using leftover rice from your fridge is perfectly fine for this dish. Just pop it in the microwave for a minute in a bowl to steam and you’re good to go. We recommend Japanese short-grain white or brown rice. 

2. Toppings

There are no strict rules on what to top your rice with, but these are some of the most popular ochazuke toppings you will see being used often. Mix and match your toppings to create your own masterpiece.

      • Flaked salmon
      • Arare – (alternative: crushed rice crackers)
      • Seaweed
      • Sesame seeds
      • Tarako – spicy cod roe
      • Ikura – salmon roe
      • Green scallions
      • Green shiso leaf

3. Submerge in Green Tea

Lastly, brew 1 cup of green tea of your choice. We recommend Sencha, Genmaicha, Gyokuro, or Hoijicha. Pour your tea over your bowl of rice with toppings until it covers half the bowl, and enjoy. You can add more tea based on your preference.

For a caffeine-free alternative, try ochazuke with Sobacha for a nutty and soothing meal! For a fun summer spin, make ochazuke with chilled Mugicha for a cold and refreshing broth!

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Mugicha is made from roasted barley kernels and has a toasty aroma and nutty flavor. When chilled, mugicha is especially refreshing and hydrating on a hot and humid day. Mugicha barley tea is best when cold brewed, but can also also be enjoyed hot.

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