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The Best Gift Guide for Japanese Tea Lovers

Whether it’s for a good friend’s birthday, or a special gift to colleagues if you’re not sure what to get them, why not choose the gift of tea? After all, tea to many is a source of everyday relaxation. Japanese tea is especially a thoughtful gift for anyone you know who appreciates Japanese culture, food, and creations.

From matcha starter kits to kimonos and incense, here are our recommendations for gifts that would be perfect for any nostalgic traveler who loves tea and Japan.


Green Tea Gift Box

Taste a selection of our best-selling Japanese green teas in one box. This organic tea box is especially perfect as a gift for any tea lover or for sampling different Japanese tea flavors. Each gift box includes three of our signature tea tins, including Sencha, Hojicha and Genmaicha.

Tea Gift Set

For a refreshing morning wake-up call, a relaxing afternoon, or an after-dinner chat, fragrant and beautifully brewed teas are good for any occasion. Tea gifts are made for moments of enjoyment according to each person’s unique lifestyle. Senbird’s Green Tea Gift Box is an assortment of Japanese teas to suit any mood, taking the drinker through a trip to Japan. Taste the aromatic and savory Genmaicha Brown Rice Green Tea from Kyoto, and the Sencha Green Tea and Hojicha Roasted Green Tea from the hills of Mt. Fuji’s home, Shizuoka. These green teas will suit any time of day for tea, whether that’s in the morning, daytime, or evening. You and the recipient of this tea set will surely share a moment of appreciation.


Ceremonial Matcha Kit

Whether you're just getting started on your matcha journey or are already an avid matcha lover, get all the tools you'll need with this ceremonial matcha kit. This set is especially perfect as a gift for anyone who wants the authentic matcha experience.

Matcha Green Tea and Utensils

Whether the person is new to matcha or already loves matcha, share the gift of the authentic tea ceremony experience at home. This Matcha Starter Kit includes all the necessary tea utensils to enjoy the relaxing and meditative preparation of Matcha Green Tea. Gift someone the experience of hand-whisking matcha with a matcha bowl, tea whisk, bamboo tea scoop, and organic matcha powder from Uji, Kyoto.


woman wearing pink kimono with red Japanese umbrella at a template

Kimono and Yukata

Traditionally, kimonos have been worn for tea ceremonies as part of the beauty, hospitality, and zen nature of the experience. Now kimonos have become popular as a fashion outfit and can be seen worn casually or on special occasions by many around the world. If you are in the New York area, visit Kaede Kimonos for a unique and exclusive collection of vintage kimonos for all occasions. 


Black kyusu and yunomi on a white table with black and white stone background

Japanese Tea Cups (Yunomi)

A yunomi (湯のみ) is a tall form of Japanese teacup, typically made from a ceramic material and having no handle. The shape allows for both hands to wrap around the cup and share warmth with the tea. These days, there are a variety of yunomi teacups with modern and stylish designs. People tend not to have a chance to choose quality cups for themselves, even if they want them. For this reason, the gift of a high-quality, well-designed teacup will inspire someone to keep it for a long time. 


white traditional Japanese kyusu teapot

Japanese Teaware – Kyusu Teapot

The most essential utensil for tea is the brewing vessel, the kyusu teapot. A kyusu teapot is an indispensable tool for drinking freshly brewed tea. From the basic selection of the teapot in terms of capacity and the materials to the shape and type of tea strainer, here are a few modern designs of kyusu that will elevate any tea lover’s tea time experience. 

Kyusu Teapot Yozora

Inspired by its deep blue hues, this traditional minoware kyusu teapot is named after the night sky. The Yozora teapot features thick walls with a glazed inside and built-in side strainer for easy cleaning.

The shades of blue especially glimmer on the glossy and smooth glass-like finish on this ceramic teapot. This teapot is a piece of traditional minoware pottery, which has been produced in Japan for over 1,300 years. A kyusu teapot is especially essential for tea lovers who enjoy Sencha and Gyokuro green tea.

Tetsubin Gen
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This Tetsubin kettle features a modern, elegant design with a curved edge around the lid for no spillage. Handcrafted by Japanese artisans with a 900 year history of iron work, this kettle features a porcelain enamel interior for a glass-like finish that aids in heat retention.

Express your appreciation for the special tea lover in your life with this tetsubin cast iron kettle.  This Tetsubin kettle is a long-established creation of Nambu ironware. Known for durability, these cast iron teapots are rust-resistant, and the more they are used, the more their texture develops, so with proper care, they can be passed down to the next generation.


Senkou Japanese Insence on a white ball with white background

Green tea incense

The smell of incense sticks conveys a sense of remembrance and a sense of gratitude. Surely your tea loving gift recipient would appreciate the scent of tea-based incense.When incense is lit, the smoke and aroma fills the space and presents a moment of relaxation and peace. In Japanese culture, incense sticks are considered to be the best way to express gratitude and respect to the deceased. The fragrances of incense vary widely, each meant to make one feel at ease. For a potent and elegant selection of incense, explore the pure scents from the world of Kayuragi incense.


expensive looking chopsticks

Customized chopsticks

If the person you’re shopping for is still new to the wonders of tea but loves Japan, consider gifting custom chopsticks. Especially if the chopsticks can be personalized with their name or initials. It would be a gift that they can cherish and use every day with their meals.

Whether it’s incense, teaware, or tea itself, there are plenty of gift options for the tea lovers you’re shopping for. The act of gifting is in the thought itself as it is better to give than to receive. Gift-giving is the experience of unselfish concern for the well-being of others. When we give without expecting anything in return, we are improving our psychological health while expressing gratitude to others.

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