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Meditate With Tea Podcast (Episode 3): Ghanta/Mantra Meditation

At Senbird, we want to inspire more moments of reflection and gratitude for a healthy and happy lifestyle. Just in time for March Mindfulness month, we are excited to bring you our new wellness-focused podcast series, “Meditation With Tea” to help you experience more mindful moments in every cup.  

If you haven’t done so, take a listen to episode 1 and episode 2 for more guided meditations. In episode 1, we explore the technique of belly breathing, and in episode 2 we express gratitude through basic tea meditation. Don't forget to check out our Ghanta Mantra Meditation Podcast.

This week for episode 3, we will be repeating this phrase a lot:

“When I breathe in, I feel ________. When I breathe out, I feel ________."

Ghanta, or Mantra Meditation, is the technique in which you link your breath to a repeated phrase. This helps us focus and center ourselves. Follow along with the Spotify audio of this Ghanta Mantra Meditation Podcast and transcription below. 

Transcription (Meditate With Tea, Episode 3):  

0:00  Welcome to Senbird's meditation with tea podcast series, we hope you experience a moment in every cup.  


0:11  On today's episode, I will be guiding you through a Ghanta or mantra meditation. Before we begin, I invite you to brew a fresh cup of tea, if you'd like to do so, and place it beside you. And remember that at any moment during the meditation, feel free to open your eyes and enjoy a sip.  


0:38  And before I invite the sound of the bell and begin the Ghanta meditation, I just want to briefly introduce the concept of a Ghanta and why we use it when we meditate.


0:54  So it can be helpful to think of our mind as a puppy, with thoughts that can feel all over the place, and running in all different directions with a lot of excitement like a puppy. And so introducing a Ghanta can be very helpful for some people. And it's like throwing our puppy a bone. It gives the puppy something to chew on. Or in this case, it gives our mind something to focus on, which can be very helpful, particularly at the beginning of meditation practice. Now it's important to realize that everyone breathes at a different pace. So when we begin the guided Ghanta meditation, you may find that your breath does not match the pace at which I'm leading. And if this is the case, feel free to link your breath at your own pace with a Ghanta. With that in mind, I would like to recite the Ghanta that we will be using for today's session.   


2:06  The Ghanta is when I breathe in, I feel energized. When I breathe out, I feel relaxed.  


2:18  When I breathe in, I feel connected. 

When I breathe out, I feel focused.  


2:27  When I breathe in, I feel happy.

When I breathe out, I feel peaceful.   


2:37  So now I invite you to relax into your chair, feet on the floor, hands resting in your lap, back tall, eyes closed, or perhaps gazing unfocused towards the floor. Just find a comfortable and alert position and I will invite the sound of the bell.  


3:09  First, just allow your awareness to settle onto your breath for a few moments.  


3:42  As you continue to watch your breath, we are going to begin linking the lines of the gata to your breathing.  


3:52  So matching an in-breath with the first line of the Ghanta. We will begin now.  


4:01  When I breathe in, I feel energized.

When I breathe out, I feel relaxed.  


4:13  When I breathe in, I feel connected.

When I breathe out, I feel focused.  


4:26  When I breathe in, I feel happy.

When I breathe out, I feel peaceful.  


4:37  When I breathe in, I feel energized.

When I breathe out, I feel relaxed.  


4:48  When I breathe in, I feel connected.

When I breathe out, I feel focused  


4:59  When I breathe in, I feel happy.

When I breathe out, I feel peaceful.  


5:10  So now carry on repeating these phrases silently to yourself.


5:16  Going at whatever pace is pleasing for you.  


5:21  And if you get lost or forget the phrases to remember it's no big deal. Just start back at the beginning.  


7:02  Now, we're going to drop down to just one word, keeping each word linked with our breath.  


7:12  Beginning with an in a breath.  


7:17  Energized and relaxed.  


7:26  Connected, focused.  


7:34  Happy, peaceful.  


7:41  And once more on an in a breath.  


7:45  Energized, relaxed.  


7:52  Connected, focused.  


8:00  Happy, peaceful.  


8:07  And now repeating these words silently to yourself. Carry on. Whatever piece is pleasing for you.  


9:47  If your mind begins to wander, remember to gently come back to your breath and your words.  


9:57  Energized, relaxed.   


10:02  Connected, focused.  


10:05  Happy, peaceful.  


11:26  So now I invite you to open your eyes gently and check back in with your surroundings.  


11:36  Perhaps you can enjoy a sip of tea if you still have any tea left.  


11:42  And of course, I invite you to bring this energy of mindfulness to your tea-drinking practice this week, and in doing so, we hope you enjoy a moment in every cup.  


Ghantra Mantra Meditation

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