Iced Japanese Teas at Wagyu x Japan Food Town
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Iced Japanese Teas at Wagyu x Japan Food Town

A refreshing iced green tea is one of the best ways to cool down in the summer heat. The Senbird team recently attended Japan Fes’ WAGYU x Japan Food Town in New York City’s Times Square and had the pleasure of meeting many fellow Japanese tea enthusiasts!


Iced Sencha and Hojicha

We had the opportunity to serve our best selling green teas, which included Hime Sencha (Green Tea) and Mai Hojicha (Roasted Green Tea). Hime sencha has a natural umami sweetness from matcha, producing a flavorful cold brewed green tea or mizudashi sencha (水出し煎茶). In contrast, hojicha's toasty caramel flavor comes out best steeped in hot water. For this reason, our hojicha was brewed fresh on-site, cooled down, and served over iced.

Together with the iced green teas, we also served a creamy Matcha Oat Milk Latte featuring our Otome Matcha and Oatly’s oat milk. The subtle sweetness in oat milk pairs perfectly with the rich matcha, an energizing pick-me-up for any matcha lover. 


Matcha Chocolate Fondue

Together with the iced teas, attendees enjoyed a Senbird-exclusive Matcha Chocolate Fondue, made-to-order with fresh fruits. Created with Otome Matcha, a premium matcha green tea from Kyoto, heavy whipping cream, and the finest Belgian white chocolate, the matcha chocolate served as a creamy dip for fruits.


Upcoming Events

Senbird was thrilled to be a part of a food festival that brings people together to experience Japanese foods, beverages, and culture. Thank you to all who stopped by and stay tuned for more events coming up in the NYC area! Find Senbird at these upcoming events:

  • Saturday, 8/10 - Popup NY @ University Pl (Waverly Pl - 10th St)
  • Saturday, 8/31 - Popup NY @ Washington Sq Park (University Pl - MacDougal)
  • Saturday, 9/14 - Popup NY 8th Ave Festival @ Theater District (8th Ave, 43rd - 46th St)
  • Saturday, 10/12 - Popup NY @ East Village (2nd Ave, 7th - 11th St)

We look forward to serving our selection of delicious teas from Japan.


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