pouring water in kyusu teapot for brewing Yuzamashi
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How to Brew Green Tea with a Yuzamashi

Brewing Japanese green tea is a delicate process, as each step is crucial in order to bring out the tea's best flavor and aroma. For example, if you steep tea in water that is too hot, the leaves will become bitter, but steeping tea in water that is too cold will result in a cup lacking in nutrients. This is why we recommend using a yuzamashi water coolor to brew Japanese green teas.

Producing the right temperature balance for your green tea can be difficult, but with a yuzamashi water cooler and a bit of practice, anyone is capable of brewing a perfect cup of sencha. 

tea powder in a white plate with cherry wood tea spoon and kyusu teapots

STEP 1: Prepare your tea set and green tea leaves

Before you begin, make sure your tea set is ready for use. Layout your teapot, green tea of choice, and the amoutn of cups you need.  Keep in mind that the number of teacups, as well as how many steeps you desire, will affect how much water you need.


Pouring water in teapot

STEP 2: Boil water and cool in your yuzamashi

Boil your water using any method of choice. Then, preemptively warm your cups by transferring the water into your selected amount of cups. This will ensure steaming hot cups of tea.

After, pour the water from the cups into the yuzamashi to begin the cooling process. This step can vary for different types of tea.  While this is the optional method of preparation for Sencha and Genmaicha, Gyokuro requires a bit more of a wait between the cup to the yuzamashi to the teapot.


putting tea refills in kyusu teapot from tea canister

STEP 3: Measure tea

As your water cools, measure out the desired amount of tea leaves you need and place them in the teapot. Although this amount will depend on your number of services, the customary amount is usually around 6 grams. 


pouring water in kyusu teapot for brewing Yuzamashi

STEP 4: Steep tea

Once the water has cooled, gently pour the water from the yuzamashi into your teapot to brew the green tea leaves. Allow 2 minutes for the leaves to steep. During this time, leave the teapot alone, as unnecessary movement of the tea leaves can affect it's brew and taste. 

pouring brewed Yuzamashi from kyusu teapot into cup

Step 5: Pour and serve

The trick to properly pouring and serving Japanese green tea is to line the cups up in a row and fill each one up a little at a time, doubling back to add to each cup.

Pouring the tea this way ensures that each cup of tea tastes the same for each drinker, as the tea will not be too diluted or too concentrated for anyone.  Make sure you pour every last drop of the tea into the cups before you begin the next steep.  Failing to do so could cause the next steep to taste bitter.

For your final step, be sure to truly savor each sip of your green tea, allowing your body and mind to relax and absorb every bit of its natural flavors and antioxidants.  


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