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How to Make Matcha With A Bamboo Whisk

From the quality of your matcha powder to the teaware you use, making matcha with a bamboo whisk ensures a smooth, clump-free, and delicious matcha experience. Historically used during tea ceremonies, Japanese teaware is now widely used in the modern-day preparation of matcha tea too.

To experience authentic Japanese tea making and best matcha flavor, we recommend using a bamboo whisk, also known as chasen. In this article, we’ll discuss what a chasen matcha whisk is and ways to properly care for this essential matcha tool for your daily matcha ritual.


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What is a Chasen Bamboo Whisk?

A chasen is a carefully handmade Japanese bamboo whisk designed for preparing matcha green tea. Numerous fine prongs are attached to the bamboo handle, with the whisk's bottom remaining open. The prongs curl at the end to create smooth, frothy matcha when whisky.

Each prong on the whisk indicates as a "tip". For example, a 100-tip whisk has 100 prongs which are made to produce a rich and creamy froth for your bowl of matcha green tea. This essential tool is both functional and a beautiful piece of art that is very delicate. The bamboo whisk needs special care to prevent breaking and molding over time.  

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How to Take Care of a Bamboo Matcha Whisk

Since the matcha whisk is made out of delicate bamboo, it's crucial to make sure to prepare the whisk prior to use as the tips are prone to breaking. Here are our tips for caring for your matcha whisk:

  1. Soak the tips in hot water for a few minutes to make the tips more flexible for whisking. The bottom of the matcha whisks should soften to make whisking easier and smoother when making your matcha. 
  2. Rinse your matcha whisk thoroughly with water immediately after use and don’t use soap or a sponge to clean. It’s best to let your whisk air dry with the prongs facing down. 
  3. To best preserve the shape and durability of your matcha whisk, we recommend using a whisk stand, a chasen kusenaoshi, or chasen tate. The whisk stand serves as both a beautiful way to display and ensure the longevity of your bamboo whisk.
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How to Make Usucha and Koicha Matcha with a Bamboo Whisk

Although the name, bamboo whisk, suggests that you’re whisking, you’re not whisking the same way you would with a regular baking whisk. The different methods to use the matcha whisk depend on which kind of matcha you want to drink.

For thinner matcha called Usucha, whisk in a quick W motion until a layer of delicate foam forms at the top surface. The trick to this fast motion is only using your wrist, not your arm. If you’re making a matcha latte, start by preparing the usucha matcha and then pour over your choice of milk.

For thicker matcha, Koicha, use the matcha whisk in a kneading motion. Refer to our matcha videoes for a visual step-by-step on how to make usucha matcha, koicha matcha, and also matcha lattes.  

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Other Useful Matcha Tools

The bamboo whisk is an essential matcha tool to make delicious matcha, but what other tools can be useful for your matcha ritual?

  • Matcha Bowl (Chawan): a bowl to prepare and whisk matcha green tea with your Chasen whisk, designed for a smooth whisking experience.
  • Matcha Whisk Stand (Chasen Kusenaoshi or Chasen Tate): a whisk stand used to preserve the shape and durability of your Chasen matcha whisk.
chasen bowl with matcha tea tin and tea scoop

All Your Matcha Tools in One Kit 

Finding the right tools can be overwhelming but we want to make that process as easy for you as possible. Our Ceremonial Matcha Set was made to inspire more peaceful and mindful moments with matcha in your daily life. Not only is it perfect for those who are starting their matcha journey, but also for avid matcha lovers too.

The 6 piece matcha tea set makes a perfect gift for anyone who seeks an authentic matcha experience. The matcha tea kit includes our best-selling Ceremonial Matcha Otome with a glazed white clay Matcha Bowl (Chawan), Matcha Spoon (Chashaku), a Bamboo Whisk (Chasen), stainless steel mesh sifter, and Whisk Holder (Kusenaoshi).

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How To Make Matcha Without a Whisk

Although using a bamboo whisk will ensure the best cup of matcha, you can still make matcha without one! Simple methods to make matcha without a whisk include shaking the matcha in a jar or bottle, or blending with an electric blender or milk frother. The goal is to reduce any clumps of matcha powder to blend smoothly for a delicious cup of matcha.


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