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A Modern Guide to A Matcha Tea Ceremony at Home

The new year often signifies the fresh start of new beginnings. At Senbird, our philosophy for this time of the year embraces choosing intentions over resolutions, and welcoming a more conscious presence through the routine of a daily matcha ritual. This careful act of preparation draws upon the wisdom of the traditional Japanese tea ceremony, or chanoyu. Each step – setting, sifting, whisking, pouring, and cleaning – is a time for quiet reflection and connecting to the present. For your own matcha tea ceremony right at home, follow our guide below:

Step 1: Setting an Intention with your Matcha Tools

Before beginning your ritual, take the time to reflect and set an intention for the day by acknowledging and releasing material thoughts. Then, gather your tools. Arrange the whisking bowl, fine-mesh sifter, and measuring scoop, and place your bamboo whisk and stand. Set out your choice of matcha– we recommend our organic ceremonial Matcha Otome, which features rich, velvety notes of chocolate. 

Step 2: Sifting Your Matcha Green Tea Powder

Sifting, through the act of pressing and breaking up the clumps of matcha powder, allows for an even infusion of tea that results in a smoother texture and fuller body of flavor. After placing the sifter over your matcha bowl, measure out your desired amount of matcha. 2 full bamboo scoops (1 teaspoon) is standard for thin matcha, or usucha, while 4 full bamboo scoops (2 teaspoons) is standard for thick matcha, or koicha. Then, press the matcha through the sifter using the scoop. 

Step 3: Whisking Your Matcha

A traditional matcha whisk, or chasen, is made from bamboo with prongs that help suspend and separate the matcha to achieve a frothy texture. Before whisking, pour hot, but not boiling, water into the bowl over the matcha. For thick matcha, use 50ml of water and whisk in a gentle circular motion until all powder is dissolved. For thin matcha with more froth, use 70ml of water and whisk in a fast “W” motion with your wrist until a rich foam is achieved.

Step 4: Enjoy Your Matcha

Serve your matcha by drinking as is, or poured over milk, water, or any other beverage of your choosing. Enjoy hot or cold. Appreciate this moment with all your senses – take the time to see, smell, taste, and truly savor your cup of tea. After enjoying your tea, cleanse your utensils. Bring open attention to this process, and find joy in the simple pleasures of cleaning, rinsing, and setting the tools back in place for their next ritual.

While a traditional chanoyu is a complex ceremony that requires weeks of preparation in advance, this guide to a matcha tea ceremony at home has no fixed rules. Enjoy its philosophy at your own pace, choosing the tools that fill you with happiness and the traditions that fit into your own routine.


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