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4 Ways to Brew Loose Leaf Tea Without an Infuser

The world of tea becomes so much more vast once you begin to consider loose leaf tea options. Trying loose leaf tea for the first time can completely transform your tea-drinking experience, offering a serene way to destress and unwind. However, you might be tempted to delay this new experience if you don't have the proper equipment. Luckily, with many common kitchen items, you can still brew and enjoy loose leaf tea without an infuser. There are even teas you can try that don’t require an infuser at all!

Below, discover four different methods to brew loose leaf tea without an infuser, along with teas suitable for direct brewing in your favorite cup.

Coffee Filter/Paper Towel

1. Using a Coffee Filter/Paper Towel

The first method requires using a coffee filter, however, if you do not have a coffee filter, you may use a paper towel. Start by passing hot water through the coffee filter in order to get rid of any paper-like tastes. From there, discard the hot water and carefully open the coffee filter along the rim of the mug. Add the required amount of loose leaf tea into the filter, and pour hot water in circular motions over the tea. The filter will hold the leaves while you wait the required amount of time for it to fully brew. After brewing, you may discard the filter and enjoy the cup of tea.


multiple glass bowls and tea sifter

2. Using a Sieve/Sifter

The next method requires a sieve or a sifter, a common kitchen tool that is often used to separate dry ingredients; however, it also works well when you do not have an infuser! You may start by brewing your tea in a separate glass. Use a glass or container with a spout or lip for better control when pouring the brew. Carefully pour the brewed tea through the sieve once the tea has fully steeped. The sieve will filter and catch all of the loose leaf tea. If the mug or container you are using to drink your tea out of is big enough, you may also put the sieve along the rim and steep the tea directly in your cup of choice.


mason jar

3. Using a Mason Jar

This method requires a mason jar and heat resistant oven mitts. After cleaning the mason jar, simply add the loose leaf tea and hot water into the jar and allow the tea to steep for the required length of time. Carefully place the lid on the jar, leaving it loose enough to allow for the tea to be poured out. It is recommended to then use heat resistant oven mitts to hold onto the mason jar as the jar may be hot. While carefully holding onto the jar, pour the tea into your cup of choice to enjoy.


Roll of Aluminum Foil Infuser

4. Making an Aluminum Foil Infuser

Start by cutting a large piece of aluminum foil and folding it twice to make a square. Then, pour your leaves into the center of the aluminum foil and twist it close. Once your newly made infuser is secure and ready to steep, poke 8 to 10 holes into the aluminum foil ball with a toothpick. Carefully pour water over the aluminum foil infuser and allow the tea to steep for the required time. The foil can get very hot, so do be careful when removing it after steeping. All of these methods are perfect and easy ways to enjoy a cup of loose leaf tea if you do not have an infuser yet.

4. Brew Directly in your Cup

However, there is also the option to choose a tea that can be brewed directly into your favorite cup – completely avoiding the need for an infuser altogether! Herbal teas such as Sobacha (Buckwheat Tea) or Kuromamecha (Black Soybean Tea) are perfect to brew and savor right in your cup. By brewing the teas directly in your cup, you can enjoy the full taste of the nutty and toasty flavors. Enjoy both teas as a light snack before or after brewing. 


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