6 Benefits of Using a Tea Infuser to Brew Loose-Leaf Tea
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6 Benefits of Using a Tea Infuser to Brew Loose-Leaf Tea

For those transitioning from tea bags, the process of brewing loose-leaf teas can be daunting. The right tools, however, make this process approachable – one that we use everyday for an easy way to brew loose leaf tea is our stainless-steel tea infuser. Unlike a tea strainer, which sits in between the brewing and drinking vessel once the tea is poured, an infuser steeps loose-leaf tea directly in your cup and is easily removed once the tea is ready. Perfect especially for those making tea for one, this tool stands out for being easy to use, simple to clean, and eco-friendly.

Explore the 6 benefits of incorporating a tea infuser into your tea rituals below.

Tea infuser and brewed loose leaf tea

1. Easy to Use

The best way to enjoy a tea’s natural aromas is by savoring a cup of loose-leaf tea – the whole leaves retain a fuller and more complex body of flavor. Although brewing loose-leaf tea can seem intimidating, a tea infuser makes this process simple. Ours is purposely designed to fit multiple standard cup and mug sizes, easily holding loose-leaf teas. Its elegant design also celebrates the serene art of tea-making.

Organic Loose Leaf Tea

2. Your Tea Leaves Have Enough Room to Expand

Tea leaves naturally begin to unfurl as they are submerged in hot water. In fact, they can expand two to three times their size during steeping. Unlike tea balls, which tightly confine leaves and prevent them from completely infusing, bucket-shaped infusers provide enough capacity for tea leaves to fully expand. This ensures that each brew provides the fullest body of flavor, aroma, and health benefits for you to enjoy.

Brewed loose leaf sencha Japanese green tea

3. Mess-Free Tea Brewing

Although possible to brew loose-leaf tea without one, infusers keep tea particles contained for an experience that's more convenient and mess-free. Cleaning is easy – simply tap waste leaves into your trash bin and rinse under water to wash. For ones that are also dishwasher safe, we recommend our stainless-steel tea infuser.

4. Portable and Travel-Friendly

Some tea pots come with a built-in filter or mesh strainer. However, their sizes can be inconvenient for those traveling or looking to make a cup only for themselves. On the other hand, infusers are compact, easy to clean, and lightweight; They make the perfect companion for any tea lover on the go. Whether at work, traveling, or enjoying the outdoors, enjoy a fresh brew of your favorite loose-leaf teas anytime and anywhere.

5. Good for the Environment

Embracing loose-leaf teas naturally reduces environmental waste as the usage of single-use tea bags is eliminated. Stainless-steel tea infusers are especially durable. As a result, they make an eco-friendly investment that will provide countless moments of joy over years of tea drinking.

Plastic tea bag with harmful micro-plastics

6. Minimizes Micro-plastic Waste from Plastic Tea Bags

A majority of tea bags are made from paper. However, there are still some brands that manufacture plastic tea bags, despite studies having shown that steeping these tea bags can release billions of micro-plastics into your cup. One of the safest alternatives is choosing to drink loose tea, and opting for a stainless-steel tea infuser over a plastic mesh one. 

A tea infuser is an ideal brewing utensil that novices and experienced tea lovers alike can enjoy using to simplify brewing loose-leaf teas. An embodiment of simplicity and joy, our stainless steel tea infuser offers access to anyone looking to unlock the intricate flavors of loose-leaf tea.

Explore our YouTube for more ways on brewing authentic, loose-leaf, Japanese tea.

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