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8 Health Benefits of Hojicha Roasted Green Tea

With its fragrant aroma and nutty, toasty flavor, hojicha roasted green tea (also known as houjicha) is a popular tea with plenty of health benefits. In Japan, hojicha’s popularity stems from the fact that this roasted green tea is soothing and low in caffeine. Even with its distinct and enjoyable taste, it is hojicha’s health benefits that make this green tea a staple in many homes.

1. Ideal for caffeine sensitivities

While other traditional Japanese green teas are merely steamed after being harvested, hojicha green tea leaves go through an additional step in which they are roasted at high temperatures.  All green teas typically go through the steaming process to prevent the leaves from oxidizing. This step ensures that the tea leaves retain their natural green color, scent and nutrition, a key process for producing sencha green tea. But the additional roasting of the leaves creates the warm, brown shade and toasty aroma of hojicha roasted green tea.

The roasting process does affect the tea’s health benefits, but instead manages to burn away bitterness and caffeine content. Hence, roasted green tea is excellent to drink after meals or in the evening. Hojicha is also a favorite of children and the elderly, who tend to be sensitive to caffeine.

2. Relives stressful days at the office or at home

Like many other green teas, hojicha provides a sense of relaxation, aiding in both physical and mental health.  While the warmth and savory aroma is calming, it’s the presence of L-Theanine that contributes to hojicha’s relaxing effects. L-Theanine is an amino acid present in green tea that eases symptoms of stress, depression and anxiety.

3. Keeps your skin looking clear and youthful

Benefits like undoing skin damage, the Vitamin C contained within hojicha roasted green tea works to lighten the dark spots on the skin that are caused by acne scars.  Vitamin C can also lighten the dark spots caused by age, as well as prevent wrinkles and restore the elasticity of the skin that is lost over time.

4. Fights colds and keeps your immune system strong

In general, Japanese green tea is known to boost the immune system.  The polyphenols that green tea contains have antiviral properties that assist in killing bacteria.  Hojicha roasted green tea in particular also contains a vitamins (Vitamin A, C, and E) that are known to fight against the common cold, regulate the immune system, prevent scurvy, and even reverse the effects of a compromised immune system. Studies have also found that hojicha may lower the risk of cancer by blocking carcinogens and inhibiting cancer cell growth.

5. Supports a happy and healthy heart

Benefits of hojicha roasted green tea are the numerous naturally occurring compounds that keep the body happy and healthy—including your circulatory system.  For instance, the catechins in green tea help regulate blood pressure and cholesterol. This lowers risk of cardiovascular diseases, strokes, and inflammation of major arteries. But that’s not all – green tea also contains Vitamin E, an important component that aids in preventing blood clots.

6. Boosts your metabolism while helping with digestion

Catechins found in tea boosts the body’s metabolism, which promotes weight loss and increase in your body’s calorie use, hence fat burn.

Hojicha roasted green tea is also an excellent tea for promoting good digestion.  With more healthy fibers than other teas, hojicha is can keep your colon healthy, while reducing the body’s fat absorption.

7. Protects your teeth

Similarly to Gyokuro shade-grown green tea, hojicha is also known to help improve oral health due to the polyphenols contained within its leaves.  Present in all green tea, the antioxidant EGCG aids in preventing cavities and bad breath. The polyphenols in green tea reduce chances of gingivitis and gum disease from developing.

8. Alleviate (and prevent!) swelling pain from arthritis

The very same polyphenols that prevent inflammatory gum diseases from forming in the mouth can also aid those who suffer from the aches and pains of arthritis.  Hojicha green tea will not only lessen the inflammation in the joints, but also prevent further damage to those joints. 

With a wide range of health benefits, hojicha roasted green tea should be a staple in everyone’s pantry.  Whether you want to alleviate joint pain, fight a cold, or just enjoy its soothing, toasty and delicious taste, hojicha is the perfect tea for anyone and everyone.

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