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Which Green Tea to Drink in the Morning, Afternoon, and Evening?

Most people often drink tea during the daytime, but did you know that there are plenty of teas you can enjoy in the evening too? Most teas have less caffeine content than coffee, but enough for a good mental and physical energy boost. However,  some teas have little to no caffeine content and you can enjoy them in the evening. Exploring Green Tea for different times of day offers flavorful options for your tea time.

As a matter of fact, in Japan, people often drink tea during or after meals, even after late dinners. Here are our recommendations for the types of Japanese teas to drink during each time of day.


Morning Green Tea


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Sencha is the gold standard of green tea that is most popular in Japan, with 40% grown on Shizuoka plantations. This tea offers approximately 50mg of caffeine in each cup, which is half of a cup of coffee, but still an excellent choice to begin your day. Sencha, known for its high antioxidants, aids in fat and sugar processing and is enjoyable during or after meals.

Catechins in green tea naturally cleanse the mouth and fight cavities after meals. If you’re looking for a bigger energy boost in the morning, matcha (powdered green tea) is also a good choice. You can enjoy matcha as a cup of tea or add some to your morning smoothie or latte. Matcha is a popular choice for Japanese tea blends, adding an extra boost of caffeine and slight sweetness.



Afternoon Tea Time

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Sencha is recommended after meals due to the benefits of catechins, so this can also be a great choice for your afternoon tea time. If you’re looking for a stronger energy boost, especially after a heavy meal, then consider shade-grown green tea (gyokuro), a premium quality tea that is naturally high in caffeine. At roughly 300mg of caffeine in every 8oz cup, this rare tea offers a stronger and healthier mid-day pick-me-up than coffee (~100mg of caffeine) or energy drinks (~250mg of caffeine).

Gyokuro goes through a unique cultivation process that includes being grown in full shade for 20 days prior to being picked. The lack of sun exposure decreases the rate of photosynthesis and less of the theanine gets converted to other compounds. High levels of theanine have many potential health benefits including stress relief, increased focus, better immunity, blood pressure regulation, and sinus relief. With an abundance of delicious umami flavor, we highly recommend enjoying this special tea with desserts.


Evening Tea 

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You’ll want to avoid caffeinated teas if you’re looking to get a good night's sleep. We highly recommend roasted green tea (hojicha) since it’s very low in caffeine (~20mg per 8oz cup) and easy to drink. The roasting process of green tea is highly effective in reducing caffeine content while producing a soothing aroma and taste. Hojicha is best after meals since it aids digestion and compliments snacks and desserts, too.

Another popular choice is brown rice green tea (genmaicha), also known as roasted rice tea, which offers slightly more caffeine (~25mg) for a low energy boost. It’s known to burn fat, help prevent diabetes, and calm the mind with the theanine. It’s also a popular choice for blending with matcha powder. With naturally abundant health benefits, green tea is an excellent drink for any time of day.

Senbird carries various types of green and herbal teas that range in grade, region, health benefits, and flavors for you to enjoy anytime and anywhere!

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