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12 Green Tea Inspired Recipes For Delicious Meals and Desserts

Any green tea lover would agree that not only is green tea a healthy and delicious beverage, it is also the perfect addition to many foods and dessert recipes! After all, green tea is versatile and rich in flavor, making it a perfect addition to both savory and sweet green tea inspired recipes.

Nowadays, you can find many green tea-flavored goods at restaurants, cafes, or local markets, from foods like matcha soba noodles to green tea flavored desserts like matcha ice cream, matcha pudding, and more. 

Explore our collection of delicious green tea inspired food and dessert recipes to try out:

    Green Tea Inspired Meals

    Green Tea Furikake Seasoning in a Bowl

    1. Green Tea Furikake Seasoning

    Furikake seasoning is essentially a Japanese seasoning that is savory and packed with umami flavor. In fact, Furikake can be found in any Asian market and generally adds a nice texture, color, and crunch to anything you would want to add salt and pepper to. Most often, Furikake is enjoyed sprinkled over a bowl of hot rice and is a popular condiment in Japanese cooking. Homemade Furikake is very simple and delicious to make, and it’s the perfect way to recycle your green tea leaves after steeping! In addition, you get to enjoy a healthy, umami-packed seasoning that you can add to your rice, eggs, pasta, and more!


    Ochazuke Green Tea Over Rice in a Bowl

    2. Ochazuke Green Tea Over Rice

    Ochazuke (お茶漬け) is a simple and comforting traditional Japanese dish that is made by pouring green tea, dashi, or hot water over the rice and savory ingredients. Popular toppings include grilled salmon, nori seaweed, pickled plum, and scallions, and it is commonly served with green tea for a soothing, healthy, umami-packed dish that is easy to digest. Often Ochazuke is made with Sencha green tea, Genmaicha brown rice green tea, or Hojicha roasted green tea, but you can experiment with all sorts of teas and toppings to find your favorite combination of flavors. 


    matcha overnight apple pie oats in white bowl

    3. Matcha Overnight Oats

    Start your day with an extra boost of antioxidants and caffeine with matcha overnight oats! In general, Matcha especially pairs well with fruits like apple and strawberries so this apple pie-inspired match overnight oats recipe will surely become one of your favorite breakfast meals or afternoon treats.


    organic ceremonial matcha powdered green tea with burrata pairing fruits and Match tea tin

    4. Green Tea and Cheese Pairings

    If you’re looking to skip the wine with your cheese, consider brewing a cup of green tea instead. The range of bright, nutty, roasted, and floral notes of green tea all pair well with cheese. Just like wine, green tea has tannins and astringency that further enhance and complements the texture and flavor of the cheese. Green tea and cheese pairing is the perfect appetizer for your tea-loving guests!  

    Green Tea Desserts

    Matcha Green Tea Dessert Recipes

    senbird organic matcha shortbread cookies with honey milk glaze

    5. Matcha Shortbread Cookies

    Given that matcha green tea adds a rich and bold flavor to any cookie recipe, these matcha shortbread cookies are especially addicting! Drizzle on the honey milk glaze and you’ll be snacking on matcha shortbread cookies that taste just like a matcha latte. Pair these cookies with a cup of tea for a delightful tea time treat for yourself, guests, or family. 


    Senbird organic matcha powdered green tea cupcakes with matcha frosting

    6. Matcha Cupcakes With Matcha Cream Cheese Frosting

    Who can say no to these matcha green tea cupcakes? They are the perfect afternoon snack or dessert to share with your matcha-loving friends and family. The sweet and buttery matcha cream cheese frosting pairs perfectly with the moist matcha cake. Keep the theme going by serving these matcha cupcakes with a cup of green tea


    organic matcha popsicle recipe popsicles powdered green tea idea ice cream top in a Bowl and Matcha tea tin

    7. Matcha Green Tea Popsicles

    Especially during the summer, these Matcha Green Tea Popsicles are a delightful treat to cool down in the hot weather! Sweet and refreshing, this recipe is inspired by our creamy matcha latte. Thanks to the natural caffeine and health benefits of matcha, these matcha popsicles give you a boost of antioxidants and energy for an afternoon pick-me-up - the perfect summer treat.  

    organic matcha powdered green tea bread milk recipe hokkaido milk bread recipe

    8. Matcha Milk and Honey Bread

    Soft, fluffy, and aromatic, this matcha bread is sure to impress your friends and family. Matcha bread is full of the umami-rich and earth flavor of green tea, giving you a boost of antioxidants and energy for the day. A slice of this matcha bread with a savory topping like egg or avocados, or a sweet topping like strawberry jam or bananas will instantly brighten up your morning.


    organic matcha strawberry jam recipe powdered green tea recipe

    9. Matcha Strawberry Jam

    It’s no secret that matcha pairs exceptionally well with strawberries so you’ll be wanting to spread this sweet matcha strawberry jam on all your favorite baked goods. The tangy and sweet strawberries balance the grassy and earthy taste of matcha, creating an elegant and versatile jam that can be spread on bread, croissants, ice cream, and more. 


    Strawberry Cream Matcha Shortbread Bars With Matcha tea tin

    10. Strawberry Cream Matcha Shortbread Bars

    Using fresh cream and strawberries, Strawberry Cream Matcha Shortbread Bars combine the best green tea pairings into one delicious treat. As a result, you have a creamy smooth panna cotta top and a crunchy flavorful matcha shortbread base. Altogether, this recipe is similar to the delicious classic lemon bar.  


    Hojicha Roasted Green Tea Dessert Recipes

    senbird organic hojicha powder brownies

    11. Hojicha Mochi Brownies

    The toasty flavor and chewy texture of these Hojicha Mochi Brownies are a delight with a cup of tea. Made with our rich and earthy Hojicha Powder Homura that is reminiscent of chocolate, these Hojicha Mochi Brownies are a chewy twist on your typical brownies. 


    Hojicha Milk and Honey Bread

    12. Hojicha Milk and Honey Bread

    This Hojicha Milk and Honey bread is soft and fluffy, perfect when toasted and enjoyed with a cup of tea. The earthy aroma and roasted flavor of Hojicha pair perfectly with honey to create delicious caramel notes in every bite.  The naturally versatile and delicious range of flavors of green tea pairs exceptionally well with all sorts of food and dessert recipes.

    Explore and experiment to discover unique flavors and combinations on this list of green tea inspired recipes with your favorite tea!



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