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The Growing Popularity of Matcha Green Tea

With impressive health benefits and a rich taste, matcha’s popularity has grown over the recent years. For centuries, Japan has been using matcha in tea ceremonies as it enhances focus while calming the body and mind.  The principle of the Japanese tea ceremony is to enjoy and appreciate your cup of tea, which carries into modern tea rituals today. 

Japan’s Matcha

Originating from China, matcha is a shade-grown green tea that is typically stone-ground into fine powder. Now the majority of growth and production has moved to Japan, specifically Kyoto and Nishio. Most areas in Japan can be quite cold for growing matcha, but these two locations offer the ideal weather conditions. Not to mention, the environment is abundant in fertile soil, and clean water and air.

With the increase in tourism in Japan, matcha has become a popular, trendy beverage in the last few years. Whether as a drink or in baked goods and food recipes, matcha green tea is in demand.

Matcha Otome
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Matcha Otome is a ceremonial-grade organic green tea powder that has a fresh aroma of sweet grass and rich, velvety notes of chocolate. From the prestigious Uji region in Kyoto, this matcha is excellent as is or in drinks such as matcha lattes, smoothies, and cocktails.

Matcha Health Benefits

Matcha green tea is specifically in demand for its impressive nutritional benefits, which include a good balance of amino acid, L-Theanine. In fact, these natural properties of the plant promote relaxation and focus over a long period of time. Additionally, the vibrant green shade comes from chlorophyll, which boosts the plant’s antioxidants. Compared to other Japanese green teas, matcha is made by grinding the whole green tea leaves. As a result, a single serving contains a high dose of nutrients from the plant. Not only is matcha delicious, but it is an antioxidant powerhouse. Coupled with anti-inflammatory properties which may help treat acne and rosacea, matcha is also a remedy for digestion when feeling bloated.

Matcha Popularity

Matcha has a distinct flavor which makes it fun and easy to incorporate into desserts or different types of beverages. For instance, matcha can be infused in dessert recipes such as cakes, bread, cookies, ice creams, popsicles, or even drinks such as smoothies and cocktails – the options are endless! In cafés, it’s almost a standard to include a matcha latte on the menu because of the high demand. 

Matcha beverages are popular in cafés and restaurants since many consumers are making health-conscious decisions regarding food and drink. Since matcha contains many antioxidant properties, it’s the perfect way to make any recipe healthier!

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The growth of matcha is expected to continue increasing in the next 5 to 6 years as consumers learn more about their own health and the extraordinary benefits from drinking green tea.


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